Surgical Extraction Course Melbourne

Surgical Extraction Course Melbourne

Learn how to extract third molars safely, atraumatically extract dentition prior to implant placement and practice as a dental surgeon to the highest standard.


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4-Module Surgical Extraction Program | Melbourne

Oral Surgical Principles for the General Dentist 35 CPD Hours – Extraction course designed to begin or excel your surgical extraction education.

Didactic material and Hands-on Training



Module 1: Oral Surgery Principles

The initial Module aims at teaching you the necessities of Oral Surgery including: patient assessment, medical history, oral surgery principles, introduction to third molar extraction, consent and anatomy.  Topics covered:
  • Patient and case assessment.
  • Consent: surgical extraction consent protocols and cases that have gone before the board previously and learning from these examples.
  • Anatomy: Back to basics in dental anatomy.
  • Treatment planning: Patient driven treatment planning.
  • Radiography: CBCT (When, why, and how).

Module 2: Clinical Oral Surgery

Module 2 aims to expand the students learning in surgical execution, flap design, sectioning techniques and protocols, clinical prosthetic tips and more. 

Topics Covered:

  • Flap design and planning.
  • Suturing techniques and primary closure.
  • How to improve my denture design with pre-prosthetic surgery.
  • Surgical planning – Principles of sectioning. 
  • Removal of third-molars.
  • Hands-on pigs head and model training.

Module 3: Advanced Oral Surgery

Topics will be heavily clinically based, ensuring students are ready for live surgery. 

  • Atraumatic extraction techniques. 
  • Ridge preservation techniques.
  • Extraction considerations prior to implant placement.
  • Complications, management and prevention. 
  • When to refer? Interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Sterile set-up. 
  • Hands-on pigs head and model training.

Module 4: Live Surgery

Live Surgery goes over two days and enables students to treat their own patients, act as assistants, observe, have mentoring discussions, learn sterilisation protocols and key surgical principles in a clinical environment. 

Each student will be allowed one patient with up to 4 extractions. 


Dr. David Goubrial (Dental Surgeon)

Dr. Praveen Nathaniel (Prosthodontist)

Dr. George Alexopoulos BDSc (Melb) MBA (Monash)

Dr. Matthew Youssef (PG Dip Implantology)

Dates 2022: Melbourne

Module 1: February 18th

Module 2: February 19th

Module 3: February 20th

Module 4: April 2nd and 3rd

Dates 2022: Melbourne 2

Module 1: July 15th

Module 2: July 16th

Module 3: July 17th

Module 4: October 22nd and 23rd

Dates 2022: Melbourne 3

Module 1: September 9th

Module 2: September 10th

Module 3: September 11th

Module 4: November 12nd and 13rd

Dates 2021: Melbourne 2

Module 1: July 2nd

Module 2: July 3rd

Module 3: July 4th

Module 4: July 24th and 25th

Dates 2021: Melbourne 3

Module 1: September 10th

Module 2: September 11th

Module 3: September 12th

Module 4: October 29th and 30th

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