Master Implant Program Melbourne

Master Implant Program

90+ CPD HOURS – 2022 Places now available

ARIA Master Implant Program:

Learn how to plan, place and restore dental implants from leading Melbourne Specialists. 🚀

Live Surgery included in the program, with extensive hands-on components preparing you for private practice.

Predictable outcomes are at the forefront of our education philosophy 🌏

10+ days of face to face education spread over 12 months- plus more 😍

More than 90% of students would recommend the course to their friends 🙏

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5 Module Master Implant Program | Melbourne

Place your first dental implant with confidence, under guided supervision. Learn how to plan, place and restore dental implants to the highest standard.

90 CPD Hours

  • LIVE SURGERY with mentored guidance.
  • ON GOING MENTORSHIP during the program
  • SPECIALIST DRIVEN education.


Optional Benefits: 50% off your start-up Astra Implant kit (including 30 Implants, motor and implant driver). ONE YEAR FREE Implant Planning License and much more. 


Module 1: Introduction to Implant Dentistry

This module will provide a foundation in understanding implants as a restorative treatment. From patient assessment to learning implant armaterium and finally detailed implant planning would build the basis of this first section of the course.

Specialist prosthodontist Dr Praveen Nathaniel will predominately cover this module. Dr Matthew Youssef will also add on general practitioner material. Topics covered will include:

  • Implant treatment options and the scope for general practitioners
  • Case selection in terms of restorative, surgical and patient factors
  • Prosthodontic pre-surgical assessment for restoratively driven implant placement
  • Implant componentry
  • Implant impressions with a hands-on workshop 
  • Use of surgical guides
  • Digital impression taking; its role, accuracy, devices and techniques, and an introduction to Digital Smile Design

Module 2: Implant Surgery Principles

This module will run through pre-surgery patient assessments, extraction, implant placement procedure and further into hands-on workshops for first hand training on implant surgery. It aims to enhance the pre-surgery planning required for implant placement including important soft tissue considerations. 

Lecturers include Prosthodontist Dr Praveen Nathaniel and Periodontist Dr Luan Ngo. Topics include:

  • Initial examination and patient risk assessment – primarily focussing on identifying risk factors for early and/or late surgical complications
  • Tooth extraction – understanding the atrophy post- extraction and methods to preserving bone ridge
  • Rules for restoratively driven implant placement and appropriate site preparation
  • Familiarisation with surgical armamentarium, flap design techniques and drilling protocols
  • Flap design and wound closures techniques to enhance soft tissue healing
  • Hands-on flap design surgery experience on pig jaws

Module 3: Advanced restorative implant dentistry

The previous module outlined the base of implant dentistry while this module will dive deeper into clinical  considerations of implant components, implant bone adaptation  as well as the restorative prosthodontic phases.

These topics will be provided by: Dr Praveen Nathaniel (Prosthodontist), Dr Luan Ngo (Periodontist) and Dr Matthew Youssef. Topics will include:

  • Informed consent, important record keeping, and surgical setup
  • Restorative considerations including; methods of crown attachment and abutment selection
  • Assessing and planning for an edentulous patient
  • Occlusion principles – process of examining and identifying key red-flags
  • Multi-unit restorative principles including; overdentures and implant bridges – practical component on capturing multi-unit abutments during impression taking
  • Restorative complications and management
  • Surgical considerations for anterior and posterior implants
  • Importance of osseointegration – testing for its success

Module 4: Grafting Principles and Anterior Implant Placement

This final module prior to the live surgery will elaborate on previous modules; improving knowledge on  implant placement and refining the clinician’s skill level. Lectures will be provided by Dr Praveen Nathaniel (Prosthodontist), Dr Luan Ngo (Periodontist) and Dr Matthew Youssef. Topics to be covered are:

  • Restorative and surgical crown considerations;  including the importance of bone and soft tissue to frame the implant crown
  • Implant surgical kit familiarisation and protocols
  • Biological complications: peri-implantitis and peri-mucositis, its aetiology and management
  • Principles of grafting including; techniques and protocols
  • Hands-on practice of flap design, ridge preservation, grafting, implant placement and suturing on pig jaws

Module 5: Live surgery under 1:1 specialist supervision

This final module will revolve around the live surgery, in which has been acknowledged by all practitioners to be the best hands-on clinical experience. 

Four hours will be dedicated for each student to surgically place an implant in their own patient under supervision. Students are also encouraged to provide and discuss case presentations at this stage in preparation for the live surgery module. Surgical guidance will be given by Dr Luan Ngo and Dr Cindy Nguyen  (Periodontists), Dr Praveen Nathaniel  (Prosthodontist), and Dr Devika Iyer (Masters in Oral Implantology and Periodontology). 

Dates 2022: Melbourne

Module 1: Online

Module 2: May 14th and 15th (online)

Module 3: June 25th and 26th

Module 4: August 27th and 28th

Module 5: October 8th and 9th

Module 1: March 12th and 13th

Module 2: May 14th and 15th

Module 3: June 25th and 26th

Module 4: August 27th and 28th

Module 5: October 8th and 9th


Dr Praveen Nathaniel (Prosthodontist)

Dr Luan Ngo (Periodontist)

Dr Edelmiro De Hoyos (Prosthodontist)

Dr Cindy Nguyen (Periodontist)

Dr Matthew Youssef (PG Dip Implantology)

5 Module Master Implant Program | Melbourne


90 CPD Hours – Implant course designed to begin or excel your implant education




Optional Benefits – 50% off your start up Astra Implant kit, including 30 Implants, motor and implant driver. ONE YEAR FREE Implant Planning License and much more. 

Place your first dental implant with confidence, under supervision. Register now for the Master Implant Program in Melbourne for 2022. Learn how to plan, place and restore dental implants to the highest standard.

Module 1 & Module 2: Restorative Implant Program

A two module treatment planning, restoratively driven implant planning and Digital Smile Design education. Providing specialist driven training with mentorship during the program.

Topics  covered in the first Two Modules include:

  • Medical history: Medical history red flags, what to look out for when taking a thorough medical history.
  • Consent: Dental implant consent protocols and cases that have gone before the board previously and learning from these examples.
  • Anatomy: Back to basics in dental anatomy.
  • Treatment planning: Patient driven treatment planning with digital and analogue restorative planning.
  • Radiography: CBCT (When, why, and how), and implant software planning.
  • Implant Components: Instruments, implant design and implant selection.
  • Restorative-Considerations: Abutment selection, material selection, and restorative design.
  • Hands-on impression taking, scanning, DSD training and Implant Studio training.

Prosthodontic components are given by Dr Praveen Nathaniel and Dr Miro De Hoyos; periodontal aspects by Dr Luan Ngo; and Dr Matthew Youssef provides adjoining general practitioner material. 

Module 3 and Module 4: Surgical Implant Program – Hands-on Training

Two module surgical implant placement program includes:

  • Surgical Anatomy: Protocols to measure and assess important anatomical sites.
  • Basic hard and soft tissue grafting principles.
  • Soft tissue considerations: Flap designs, suturing techniques and managing soft tissue complications.
  • Restoratively driven implant placement – key guidelines to follow when placing implants in the anterior or posterior segment.
  • Facially driven implant planning and placement. Facial smile design protocols.
  • Implant placement in the anterior region.
  • Inter-disciplinary approaches to dental implants.
  • Implant Selection in various anatomical situations. 
  • Immediate versus delayed protocols: research driven implant education on immediate, early and delayed placement.
  • Surgical placement of multiple implants in pig jaws; including basic soft tissue management.
  • Surgical set-up: how to set up a room in preparation for dental implants. 

Module 5: Live Implant Placement

In this 2 day module you will be expected to place a single tooth implant on your patient under the supervision of a Specialist. This module will also include didactic material and education on short dental implants, case discussions and case presentations. Supervisiors include: Dr Luan Ngo, Dr Praveen Nathaniel, Dr Miro De Hoyos, Dr Cindy Nguyen. Therefore, students in this module will be allowed to complete a live surgical procedure, with a patient of their own, under supervision and guidance.This module also includes:

  • Restorative and Surgical overview and further implant discussion.
  • Discussion of Live Surgical cases.


Dr Praveen Nathaniel (Prosthodontist)

Dr Luan Ngo (Periodontist)

Dr Edelmiro De Hoyos (Prosthodontist)

Dr Cindy Nguyen (Periodontist)

Dr Matthew Youssef (PG Dip Implantology)

Dates 2022: Melbourne

Module 1: March 12th and 13th

Module 2: May 14th and 15th

Module 3: June 25th and 26th

Module 4: August 27th and 28th

Module 5: October 8th and 9th

Dates 2021: Melbourne

Module 1: March 20th and 21st

Module 2: May 15th and 16th

Module 3: June 19th and 20th

Module 4: October 16th and 17th

Module 5: November 20th and 21st 

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