Melbourne I Australia

Specialist Driven Education at the highest level

Melbourne - VIC

Master Implant Program Melbourne

Our five module implant program, based in Melbourne, is designed for beginner to moderately experienced implant clinicians.

Surgical Extraction Course Melbourne

Learn how to safely extract third molars, atraumatically remove dentition prior to implant placement and safely perform oral surgery.

crown and bridge course

Biomimetic Principles of Crown and Bridge Dentistry Melbourne

Practice and learn biomimetic prosthodontist principles from Dr. Praveen Nathaniel. Master your crown and bridge work with predictable every day techniques.

Surgical Assistants Workshop Melbourne

This Workshop will highlight each member of the team and their role before, during and after any surgical or Implant procedure.
Designed for Dentists and Dental Assistants

Soft-tissue Implant Augmentation Workshop

Understand the rationale for obtaining primary wound closure in various sites: Extraction, Oral surgery, Periodontal, Implant. Understanding of wound healing.

Third Molar Extraction Workshop

Hands-on and didactic learning in third molar extractions; preparing you for private practice. Learn to extract simple to moderately difficult third molars.

Our Teaching Philosophy

The Australasian Restorative and Implant Academy prides itself on providing education which is well researched, predictable and clinically of the highest standard.

Providing specialist driven education enables students to feel confident in material provided and the standing of the education. Each program and module has intended learning outcomes, surrounding all facets of dentistry. 

Hands on training is a critical element to further education. All modules will have hands on components, ensuring all dentists are well equipped to clinically implement the lecture material. 

Furthermore, LIVE SURGERY under supervision is provided in the bulk of our programs.