There are several implant courses running throughout Australia at the moment. Let’s discuss why we think the Australasian Restorative and Implant Academy prepares you for quality driven implant placement and restoration.

→ Specialist driven education

→ Hands-on material with restoratively guided implant planning

→ 5-Module program covering all aspects of Implant dentistry

→ Live surgery for each student

→ Mentorship


Australasian Restorative and Implant Academy began with the sole purpose to educate Australian dentists on all facets of Implant dentistry. The ARIA Master Implant Program which includes 5-Modules explores:

  • Examination
  • Overall treatment planning
  • Surgical anatomy
  • Implant examination
  • Reading CBCT’s
  • Smile Design
  • Digitally plan Implant surgeries for guided and non-guided cases
  • Flap raising & suturing techniques 
  • Alveolar ridge preservation 
  • Implant placement in the anterior and posterior regions
  • Basic hard and soft tissue grafting principles for everyday implant dentistry
  • Single and multi-unit restorative training by leading specialists
  • Each student completes one case under supervision of a specialist in the final module of the program 

What have previous students had to say?

Our Lecturers:

→ Dr. Praveen Nathaniel (Prosthodontist – Head of school)

→ Dr. Luan Ngo (Periodontist – Periodontology lead) 

→ Dr. Miro De Hoyos (Prosthodontist) 

→ Dr. Cindy Nguyen (Periodontist)

→ Dr. Matthew Youssef (PG Dip Implantology) 

The combined experience and knowledge, in implant dentistry, of the team illustrates the quality of the program. Specialist given material and hands-on training to ensure the highest standard of research driven implant education. The course outline and structure is determined by the team as a whole; with optimising student learning at the forefront. Dr. Praveen Nathaniel has lead 3-practices placing and restoring dental implants at the Melbourne Prosthodontic Centres for 20 years. Dr. Luan Ngo leads the Post-Graduate Melbourne University Periodontology program, is involved with ITI and the Melbourne University Implant program. To read more about each member of our team check out the About us page.

Didactic material is given at every module, along with multiple hands-on components. The 5 Modules are separated in to 3 sections. The first two modules are largerly restoratively focused. While the third and fourth modules are surgically aligned with pigs-head and in-depth surgical implant planning. The final module involves live surgery by each student under the supervision of a specialist. 

To receive a copy of the course outline for 2021 or for more information about any of our programs please email


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